WSDA plans Japanese beetle eradication in Grandview | News

GRANDVIEW, WA – Washington State Department of Agriculture detected more than 24,000 Japanese beetles at Grandview in 2021, compared to discovering 3-5 beetles in 2020.

Now they are preparing a new plan this will help get rid of this invasive species in the spring.

“If they were to expand further from where they are now, it would be truly devastating to our crops,” said Amber Betts, media relations coordinator for the state Department of Agriculture. from Washington.

Japanese beetles are a very invasive pest, they feed on over 300 plants including roses, grapes and hops.

Adult beetles damage plants by skeletonizing foliage, leaving plants bare.

If Washington got a larger population of beetles in crops this year, it would cause problems imposing restrictions on how crops would be distributed throughout Washington, outside the state, and even outside the United States.

This is why the Ministry of Agriculture has developed a 3-step plan.

“We’re going to amend the quarantine, which is currently a quarantine saying anything with an established Japanese beetle population can’t enter our state, and so we’re going to be proposing to amend that to include that area in and around Grandview” , Betts said.

The second step is to kill the bugs.

“To get rid of them, to treat them with an insecticide,” Betts said. “So we want to go around the whole infested area and a bit beyond and make sure we treat every grid in that 49 square miles with insecticide.”

Finally, trap the survivors.

“We’re going to increase our trapping efforts this year and we’re going to have about 25 hundred traps in the area and that’s so we can show us where we still have trouble,” Betts said.

The Ministry of Agriculture will organize a virtual open house on February 22, 2022explaining the proposed new plan.

Anyone from the public can join in and voice their concerns to the Ministry of Agriculture.

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