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ALPENA – Members of the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary Board of Trustees in recent meetings discussed plans for invasive plant removal, an MSU insect study, and conservation-related items from the island park and wildlife sanctuary.

A large frog/cattail (non-native) removal day is scheduled for June 24th. New aquatic weed trimmers will be used by local volunteers and teams from Huron Pines and Loyola University.

In October, Huron Pines plans to remove invasive woody plants from Island Park. This would include glossy buckthorn this year.

Michigan State University will again set up insect traps at Island Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary to analyze the insect population and determine if there are any non-native species. The data from the study gives information about wood-boring insects. Early detection of non-native wood borer communities can prevent problems for Michigan’s forests.

Council members approved a Bench Guidelines Policy for the placement of memorial benches on Island Park. The guidelines cover installation, construction, materials, costs, location, plaque wording and the approval process. There will be a limit to the number of benches allowed.

Other topics discussed included the artist-in-residence program, grant applications and moving the buoys for the water trail through the sanctuary.

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