We LOL at Quillette Editor for Wash With Dog Shampoo


Will straight people ever stop possessing themselves on the Internet? Whether it’s publicly admitting their lack of sexual prowess, forcing their kids to take bean-based survival classes, or collapsing in front of their formidable girlfriends, these men can’t help but pull themselves apart. ridicule online.

The results are alternately hilarious and horrible, as we, the audience, simultaneously mock these guys and pity the women and children in their lives. The latest entry in the “straight men don’t do well” inventory comes courtesy of Quillette editor Jonathan Kay, who has found he has been washing his hair with dog shampoo for several months. :

Kay slammed the little guy on the bottle for saying “for pets,” but Twitter users quickly called him out for ignoring the IMAGE OF A DOG on the bottle outright. Kay doubled down with this amazing leap of logic, tweeting “A lot of shampoos I’ve used in the past have images of waterfalls, or people doing the dishes, or vaporous women frolicking in pasture, or guys under waterfalls with provocative breasts tossed out, or whatever. “

Oof magoof, where to start? First of all, if you are using soap that contains “people who clean the dishes” then congratulations, you are washing your hair with Dawn. Second, I’m not sure what shampoo Kay bought, but I have never and mean NEVER seen a bottle of shampoo featuring a shirtless dude under a waterfall. Because if this shampoo existed I would use it, am I right ladies? (I’m not and never would).

Also, I am baffled by the logistics of this. If you walk into a supermarket or drugstore, the shampoo and conditioner is in their own section, away from the pet supplies (where the pet shampoo is stored). You should go out of your way to grab dog shampoo with his human shampoo in mind.

Now, an average Joe tweeting this error would be prone to jokes and teasing. But Jonathan Kay is no average joe. The publisher Quillette had previously protested against “fundamentalist identity politics”, which led to resign him as editor-in-chief of The Walrus.

Oh another straight white man who feels censored by centering marginalized voices and mourns the death of “freedom of speech” on an international platform?

revolutionary gif

Given his insufferable past, people were quick to dunk on Kay:

Looking forward to Kay’s inevitable piece of reflection on how making fun online is a culture cancellation weapon.

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