Warden CX II Soybean Seed Treatment Receives EPA Approval

Today, WinField United announced that Warden CX II Soybean Seed Treatment has been registered by the EPA. Warden CX II provides broad-spectrum protection against early season diseases and insects to help improve root health, plant vigor and maximize yield potential.

“Warden CX II is built from the same formulation that growers and retailers have come to know and trust over years of proven performance,” said Joe Rickard, crop protection product manager, WinField United, “This innovation builds on our existing offering to provide a superior solution against soybean disease and insect protection.

Warden CX II has proven itself in variable planting conditions, giving growers more flexibility and less risk when it comes to planting early or planting in less than ideal conditions. Through extensive response plot testing and field trials, the improvements we’ve made have resulted in a 2.2 bushel/acre yield advantage over the Warden CX.

“Product technology combined with the agronomic expertise of our retail network provides a powerful boost when it comes to getting soybeans off to a strong start as part of a total acre solution to ensure varieties reach their genetic potential,” said Rickard.

With four fungicide active ingredients (AI) and one insecticide, Warden CX II protects against a wide range of early season diseases, including Pythium and Phytophthora, as well as Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, seed-borne diseases and early insect pests. of the season. These diseases cause reduced plant stands, root rot, stunting and limited yield potential.

Warden CX II introduces a new AI fungicide, picarbutrazox, an important resistance management tool. This AI is key to controlling Pythium, which has become one of the most common early season soybean diseases as resistance becomes more prevalent in major soybean growing regions in the United States. As U.S. soybean growers continue to plant earlier with reduced seeding rates, early season Pythium protection is more important than ever.

Warden CX II is a premix formulation with a low use rate, allowing the flexibility to add additional treatments. It contains an additional polymer and improved colorant to improve seed flow and handling.

For more information on Warden CX II, contact your local WinField United reseller partner or visit winfieldunited.com/wardencxii.

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