Unnati launches drone spraying services for farmers

Unnati launches drone spraying services for farmers (Representative image: Shutterstock)

The agricultural sector is no longer a stranger to advanced technologies. From deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and analyzing data to predict agricultural production to providing financial assistance, technology has been leveraged in nearly every operational function in the industry. To take things a step further, Unnati, a fintech-driven agricultural ecosystem, has launched a drone spraying service for farmers. The platform will use a fleet of drones approved by the DGCA (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) to offer the service.

Equipped with a high-precision sprayer and features such as “return to launch” and geo-tracking, the drones have the ability to spray water, pesticides and fertilizers over an acre of land in less than eight minutes. , resulting in up to 95% water. -economy. Leveraging AI, the drones will ensure optimal use of the spraying system in a non-hazardous technique that prevents chemicals from entering the cardiovascular system of farmers.

Emphasizing the development, Amit Sinha, co-founder of Unnati said: “Drone technology is no longer a pipe dream, especially not for the agricultural sector. We are delighted to announce the launch of our drone spraying service for farmers. Unnati has always been focused on improving the lives of farmers across the country, and our latest service will bring us one step closer to achieving that goal. We are convinced that farmers will benefit immensely from drone spraying, an efficient and non-harmful service. »

Unnati plans to spray 20,000 acres of land by the end of 2022 and increase drone spraying capacity by 4 by next year. Furthermore, the platform has aligned with the Ministry of Aviation’s long-term vision of making India a global drone hub and will be open for collaboration to ensure the benefits are leveraged by more. of farmers across the country.

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