Tree Service Madera safely completes the removal of a hollowed mimosa tree

Madera, California – When Jerry Nicholson realized his mimosa tree had a hole in its trunk, he decided to hire a crew to handle his emergency tree removal procedure. He knew that keeping the tree close would increase the risk of property damage, as the tree could break unexpectedly and land on his house. Hiring Madera Tree Service turned out to be a good decision – the company responded quickly to his request and worked professionally to secure the tree removal procedure.

“The mimosa had been showing signs of poor health for at least 3 months now,” Jerry told a group of reporters. “The signs started with unexplained loss of leaves and then progressed to loss of trees.”

Jerry noted that he always planned to take a closer look at the tree. However, being a busy man, he kept pushing on the day he planned to check the tree until he noticed that the tree was completely dry.

“The tree caught the family’s attention when the woman pointed out that it was completely dry on its top,” Jerry said. “On close examination of the tree, the family realized that it was decaying from the inside – the tree had already turned into a home for ants.”

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Jerry noted that Madera often faces high winds and storms. The owner knew that if he failed to remove the tree on the same day, he would likely continue to push the process forward and could possibly end up with expensive repairs.

“The family didn’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night by a tree landing on the roof of the house or the power line,” Jerry said. “Having used Tree Service Madera for other services, the family called their emergency tree removal team in Madera and requested same day service.”

The owner noted that the company was more than willing to help. His team of professional tree-cutters in Madera were on Jerry’s landscape in less than an hour. The company would have immediately launched the procedure of felling the trees.

“By using a crane to make sure the tree didn’t snap and fall in the wrong direction unexpectedly,” Jerry said, “the company ensured the process went smoothly. Within 2 hours, the company had removed the tree and ground down the stump. The family ended up paying a very affordable fee for the tree maintenance procedure.

To understand what homeowners can do to avoid tree-related emergencies, reporters reached out to Tree Service CEO Madera.

“When homeowners regularly inspect their trees,” said CEO of Tree Service Madera, “they can spot tree problems long before they cost them thousands of dollars in property repairs. Tree Inspection of Nicholson helped him catch his hollowed out tree. His decision to hire the company’s Madera tree removal crew helped him avert impending property damage.”

the Madera Tree Service The CEO told reporters that his company’s emergency tree service team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team of professional tree-cutters in Madera are known to respond to emergencies of trees in less than an hour.

“Emergencies,” the CEO said, “often show up when owners least expect it. This is why the company is always ready to work day and night to restore security to the landscapes. While Nicholson’s project was not an emergency per se, the tree still had a chance of falling unexpectedly. Because of this, the company had to react quickly and remove the tree before any damage was done. »

In addition to handling emergencies, the CEO told reporters that Tree Service Madera is known for its ability to handle all types of tree maintenance procedures in Madera. Some of the professional tree services offered by the company include trimming, pruning, stump removal, and protecting trees from pests and diseases.

Tree Service Madera always welcomes tree owners to its base located at 14566 CA-41, Madera, CA 93636, USA. Owners can, however, communicate with the company remotely via +1 559-234-3291 and [email protected]

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