This DIY Spray Will Keep Creepy Crawling Spiders Away

What do most people love even more than DIY projects involving home makeovers? DIY cleaning products. Especially pest control like this easy hack to get rid of garden pests. However, some pests are just annoying, others, like some insects, are downright scary, like spiders!

Don’t worry though, because TikToker Kara (@karaskorner_123) has found an easy and cost-effective solution.


Apparently spiders don’t like strong smells such as essential oils like peppermint. Best of all, peppermint oil not only repels spiders, but also most insects, such as ants, beetles, caterpillars, aphids, flies, moths, lice, mice, and fleas. . It’s a win-win. It also naturally repels mosquitoes. Not sure what the purpose of dish soap is and if the combo is really what matters, or if peppermint oil mixed with water will also do the trick. A good way to find out is to try both versions. As you can see in the video, Kara adds five drops of peppermint oil to a labeled plastic bottle, which is already half full of water, and tops it off with a shot of Dawn dish soap. However, you can use any mild dishwashing detergent, Kara reassured in the comments section of her video. And all you do is spray your patio furniture, as well as any area around your home where you want to prevent the creepy crawlers from finding a new hiding place.

We definitely have to try this hack!

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