We’ve all had that unfortunate experience of throwing down a hat, sweating it out while enjoying the day, and then dreading the mess left under the hat. The dreaded hat head. Add to that sunburn, insects, and your skin and hair dry out… So much for

Hat Head – Sports utility spray designed for all hat-wearing sports players who want to restyle their hair, protect against UV rays and prevent bugs.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, USA, May 17, 2022 / — TheSalonGuy is expanding its current product line and adding Hat Head – the first sports utility spray, to protect against insects, sun and hat hair. With powerful ingredients, Hat Head helps combat every sports player’s biggest hair problem and helps achieve better hair with just a few sprays.

With sports players wanting to look their best on and off the court, Hat Head was designed to combat the dreaded hat head. Offering a quick and easy solution to hat hair, Hat Head resets hair, after hat removal, by absorbing sweat and speeding up the drying process to return hair to its “original state” before the hat was worn “.

“As a PGA Associate and a modern certified trainer, I started noticing the bigger issues with sports and hair,” said Stephen Marinaro, CEO of TheSalonGuy. “TheSalonGuy product line was meant to help the athletic or those who love the outdoors find easy protection from bugs, sunburn and flat hair, which led to the creation of Hat Head.”

TheSalonGuy has created a tutorial on “How to Prevent Hat Head”, which explains how to combat sports players’ biggest hair and outdoor problems while on the court or in the field. To avoid the appearance of tangled hair, Hat Head will restyle the hair and return the hair to its original style.

Hat Head – Sports Utility Spray, was designed for any sportsman or outdoor enthusiast who wants UV protection, insect repellent and beautiful hair while doing their favorite activities. Golf, tennis, football, baseball, basketball, rugby players, hiking, fishing, etc. can all benefit from Hat Head with the premium ingredients to help combat sportsmen’s biggest hair complaints.

With TheSalonGuy entering the sports industry, Hat Head provides layers of protection and comfort when playing your sports or outdoors. To help keep bugs away, the formula includes a unique blend of essential oils and fragrances. Blended with shea butter, grapeseed oil and raspberry oil, Hat Head provides mild UV protection. TheSalonGuy thought it was essential that the product conditions both the hair and the skin, which is one of the key elements of Hat Head. Benefits of Hat Head – Sports Utility Spray, will help players look their best while blocking out sun and bugs.

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How to Prevent Hat Head

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