The first oral treatment for feline fleas and ticks is now available



Credelio Cat has been shown to safely and effectively kill fleas on cats 8 weeks or older and provide protection against blacklegged ticks in cats 6 months or older.

Elanco Animal Health announced yesterday the availability of Credelio Cat, the first-ever oral flea and tick treatment for cats.

This flavored chewable product starts killing adult fleas within 6 hours. In 12 hours, it kills over 98% of fleas and 100% in 24 hours. According to a company statement, it also offers sustained, fast-acting flea control efficacy throughout the month in cats 8 weeks and older. In addition, this small tablet provides cats and kittens 6 months and older with one-month protection against blacklegged ticks.

“Even indoor cats are exposed to fleas and ticks,” said Tony Rumschlag, DVM, senior director of technical advice at Elanco, in a company statement. “It’s great to have a unique flea and tick option for cat owners who prefer oral administration or want to try something besides a topical. “

Credelio Cat contains the active ingredient lotilaner, which has been shown to be safe and effective, when used according to label directions to kill fleas in cats as young as 8 weeks old weighing 2 pounds or more, “So vets can feel good about prescribing it.” to their patients, ”says Rumschlag.

What else? Oral administration has been difficult in the past, but these tablets, with their rich scent and flavor of vanilla and yeast, were specially formulated for cats. In fact, a field survey in the United States found that Credelio Cat was administered successfully by 99.5% of cat owners.1

The most commonly reported side effects associated with the administration of Credlio Cat include weight loss, rapid breathing and vomiting. Additionally, lotilaner is an isoxazoline, a class of compounds that have been associated with neurological adverse effects including tremors, incoordination, and seizures.

Credelio Cat has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and is available in doses of 12 and 48 mg.

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1. Chappell K, Paarlberg T, Seewald W, et al. A randomized, controlled field study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of lotilaner flavored chewable tablets (Credelio â„¢ CAT) for eliminating fleas in cats owned by customers in the United States. Parasite Vector. 2021; 14 (1): 127. doi: 10.1186 / s13071-021-04617-5.


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