The best bed bug treatment

Bed bugs are an ongoing problem worldwide. In fact, if you travel often, you are likely to encounter them at some point. The problem is that these invasive pests tend to hide in mattresses and box springs, where they remain invisible. Often, you don’t even know you have bed bugs until several days after being bitten, when you see a series of small, red, itchy bumps.

If you think you have bed bugs, it’s important to control the infestation before it gets worse. Remove your bedding and check your mattresses for small red or rust-colored spots. This may be a sign that bed bugs have been squashed.

Also look for signs of live bed bugs. They are small but easy to find. As the infestation gets worse, you’ll start to see them in the seams of furniture, under loose wallpaper and wall hangings, and in the seams of drawers. They usually stay close to where people sleep.

Get rid of bed bugs usually requires treat your surfaces with chemicals. Some choose to have a professional take care of it, but you can do it yourself with the right products. Be sure to research any products you purchase to ensure the safety of you and the occupants of your home, including pets, before beginning treatment.

It’s important to note that you might not completely eradicate bedbugs with just one treatment. You may need to treat again in a few weeks or months. Do not dispose of aerosols that you do not use. Store it at room temperature in a safe place in your home so you have it on hand in case you see a reappearance of bedbugs.

With some bed bug treatments, you get a concentrate that you mix with water. This ensures that your solution will last for a while, giving you plenty of applications. But in most cases, you’ll need to use your blended concentrate within hours of making it and discard any leftover blend.

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