Stop Bugg’n Organic & Natural Horse Fly Spray is an effective product that is safe to use on horses and other barnyard animals to repel flies

Once the warmer months begin to arrive, farmers, ranchers and stable owners can expect the dreaded horsefly to begin to wreak havoc on their animals and themselves, which is why it is highly recommended to use Stop Bugg’n Organic & Natural Horse Fly Spray.

As the warmer months approach, many people can expect flies to come in and start harassing horses, farms and stables. Getting these pests out of the house has always been a challenge, which is why it’s easy to find fly killer products scattered around the aisles of grocery stores and pest control stores. But many of these products don’t always deliver what they promise. Most of the time, these products only manage to drive the flies away only to have them return after the effects of the product have worn off, which doesn’t take long. What people need is a product that is not only effective against flies, but also made from natural ingredients that are not harmful to humans and pets. Stop Bugg’n Organic & Natural Horse Fly Spray is touted as an amazing and effective product that will ensure fly-free homes and stables.

Stop Bugg’n does not contain any corrosive and harmful chemicals that can enter the lungs or be absorbed through the skin. In fact, it has a pleasant floral scent instead of the chemical smell that most fly sprays give off when sprayed. And unlike other fly killers, Stop Bugg’n doesn’t leave oily layers on furniture, clothing and appliances. Once it is sprayed it will repel flies until it is then sprayed so that stables remain free of flies for many hours. Stop Bugg’n Organic Horse Fly Spray, in short, is a great natural alternative that is safe to use on horses, inside their stalls, in barns, and even inside homes.

Applying the fly spray is simple and straightforward. All that needs to be done is to clean the residual dirt, dust and dead hair from the horse. Apply the spray carefully and gently all over the body, making sure to cover all surfaces of the animal for maximum effect. Take note to avoid getting the product in the horse’s face. A good tip would be to spray the Stop Bugg’n into a piece of cloth and then gently brush it onto the horse’s face. And that’s basically it, the animal will now be fly-proof and in turn much happier and healthier.

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