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For dog owners, it is always difficult to keep dogs clean in the summer. Not just dust, the season brings up the risk of ticks and fleas on your dogs’ coats. These insects are irritants, transmit disease, can be painful to pets, and can even cause hair loss. To avoid this, you should regularly wash your dog with a good shampoo against ticks and fleas.

If you are looking for a good option for your dog, we have listed some of the most popular flea and tick killer shampoos available online in India:


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You should know that Himalaya products are quite reliable in the market for FMCG products and health products. However, the brand is even popular when it comes to pet care. This dog shampoo was created from Ayurvedic components so that your dog has a minimum risk of allergic reactions. The shampoo is effective in removing body odor and will make your pet feel and smell fresh. Besides ticks and fleas, shampoo can even be used to reduce the feeling of regular itching in dogs.

Captain Zack is another popular brand in the pet care product market and has been trusted by several pet owners. This dog shampoo from the brand is specially designed to remove fleas from your pets’ coats to help your dogs spend the summer with peace of mind. With essential oils and natural aloe vera extracts, this shampoo provides a soothing sensation to dogs while acting on fleas, lice and eggs thanks to its anti-microbial composition. Create a rich, frothy lather on your pets’ coat while bathing and rinse it properly for best results.

While neem is considered good for our skin due to its antibacterial properties, the benefits extend even to pets, unless your pet is allergic to it. With that in mind, this Race shampoo was created especially for dogs with neem extracts. This anti-tick shampoo repels, controls and even breaks the life cycle of ticks, fleas, mites and mosquitoes. You can even use this shampoo on your dogs in conjunction with a relevant tick spray for best results.

Choostix is ​​another popular brand of pet food and accessories. This branded tick and flea dog shampoo contains green apple extracts to give your dogs a refreshing sensation every time they take a good shower. Besides green apple, it even contains neem extracts which help fight ticks, fleas and other infectious insects and microorganisms that often thrive on dogs’ coats and fur if proper hygiene is not. maintained. The shampoo will even keep the dog’s fur soft, smooth and fluffy, making it a great choice.

Wahl pet shampoos are another popular choice in the Indian market and are available for a variety of needs. This shampoo contains extracts of rosemary and mint which keep your dog feeling refreshed every time he takes a bath. Made from plant extracts without the use of harmful chemicals, this dog shampoo is gentle on the skin but harsh on fleas and ticks. Create a thick lather by using this shampoo before washing your dog for the best results.

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