Seed treatment for winter wheat

Seed treatment for winter wheat

Tim Hammerich

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network with your Farm of the Future report.

Some winter wheat pests and diseases can begin to affect the crop even before it is out of the ground. This is one of the reasons BASF focuses on seed treatments. Technical Service Representative Curtis Rainbolt. Says there is one pest in particular that their Teraxxa F4 product can really help with.

Rainbolt…” Wireworms can really thin out the stand you have. And so that can dramatically reduce yields, but also increase your weed problems just because you don’t have that crop competition. So we were excited It’s been a lot of fun working with a product like Teraxxa that really meets that need.

Rainbolt said this early control can help with both weed management and yield.

Rainbolt…” Wireworms are actually the laal stage of wireworms. And depending on the species, and we have a lot of species, it can affect your wheat. They stay in the ground for three to five years, before they pupate and become adults. And so during this time they are actively feeding and when the wheat seed begins to germinate and breathe, they are attracted to this carbon dioxide. And so they will rise if there is moisture in the soil, they will come up and start trying to feed on that seed at that time, but if the conditions are right, mostly cool enough soil temperatures and enough moisture, they will come near the surface or above the surface and will feed on the wheat plant.And at that time they can knock out the tillers.

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