Roadkill deer disposal options could be expanded by Pa. Game Commission

A new option for disposing of roadkill deer in Pennsylvania may soon be available for those who complain that the Pennsylvania Game Commission is taking too long in responding to reports of roadkill deer.

Nuisance wildlife control operators, already authorized by the commission to remove nuisance wildlife from customers’ homes and properties, could also offer traffic accident abatement services under a recently approved regulatory change. by the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners.

The responsibility for removing deer carcasses from the roads is shared by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Game Commission, which sometimes hires contractors to collect and dispose of deer.

The commission also often assigns its game wardens to respond to the thousands of calls received each year from the public about deer carcasses along roadsides and on private property.

The game wardens will respond to the traffic accident report according to their schedules and duties, which sometimes does not meet the expectations of the residents.

If the commissioners give final approval to the change at their July meeting, nuisance wildlife control operators could become another way to dispose of deer carcasses more quickly.

  • Have you hit a deer in Pennsylvania? You’re far from alone in the #1 state for vehicle-animal collisions

Pennsylvania is No. 1 in vehicle collisions with animals — primarily deer — according to the annual report released by State Farm Insurance.

Pennsylvania drivers reported colliding with more than 166,000 animals from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, according to collision claims filed with insurers.

Many more collisions result in deer being killed on the road, but are never reported.

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