Removal of the dead in the pine region to reduce the risk of forest fires

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By City of Red Deer

until december

November 17, 2022 | 2:41 p.m.

As part of the Forest Fire Management Program, the City of Red Deer Parks Section will work in wooded areas of the Pines neighborhood. Work will begin in mid-November with delivery scheduled for late December 2022.

Parks staff will work to selectively dispose of undead, which is fallen plant material that may pose a wildfire hazard.

This multi-year program is a joint effort of the City of Red Deer Emergency Services Department and the Parks and Public Works Department to minimize the risk of fire in Red Deer’s urban forest areas. The City adheres to the Wildlife Act and the Migratory Birds Act and follows best forest management practices during this type of work.

The affected trail segments remain open for use during the removal project. Residents are asked to obey warning signs while staying clear of equipment and personnel working in this area. The City thanks residents for their cooperation and patience as staff undertake this important wildfire mitigation work.

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