Removal of hives becomes fatal

A wildlife rescuer falls to his death after a bee attack. The deceased was identified as Venkatesh Johna resident of Gottigere and a coconut vendor on Bannerghatta Road

A 54-year-old animal rescue volunteer attached to the BBMP forest cell fell to his death after being stung by a swarm of bees He was on top of a tree at a IAS the officer’s house, trying to remove the large beehive, behind the High Grounds golf course in central Bengaluru last week.

The deceased has been identified as Venkatesh John, a resident of Gottigere and a coconut vendor on Bannerghatta Road. He too had registered with the Forest Cell of the BBMP as a wildlife rescue volunteer, his colleague Rohit, another wildlife rescuer from JP Nagar says Bangalore Mirror.

According to John’s family and close friend, Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) Govindaraju had informed him (John) of a hive that needed to be removed from a bureaucrat’s house behind the golf course. On March 6, he went to remove it.

According to sources, John was “deceived” by the head of BBMP Forest Cell, a Prasanna Kumar who promised John a monthly salary in the presence of ACF Govindaraj shortly after the honeycomb removal task is completed.

However, ACF Govindraj told the Bangalore Mirror that he was not aware of such a hive assignment nor was he aware that John had gone to remove it.

Another source from the BBMP Forest Cell indicated that the hive was at a good height and that it was risky to access it without a harness or protective equipment. bee stings. But John climbed the tree in the evening without any protective gear and a swarm of bees stung him.

Unable to bear the pain, he fell to the ground. He was quickly rushed to a nearby private hospital, where he was pronounced dead. John’s friend Rohit, who arrived at the hospital, was told by doctors that he had suffered multiple bee stings and suffered multiple fractures from the fall that had resulted in his death.

The hospital raised a medical-legal case (MLC) and High Grounds Police personnel attended the hospital and took statements from eyewitnesses.

Cops have looked into a case of unnatural death and are investigating further.

A relative of John alleged they were told not to escalate the matter as BBMP officials visited the scene and promised a government job to one of John’s family members.

“Ideally, since this is an accidental death case, the cops are supposed to record a case of accidental death due to negligence under IPC section 304-A and delivers the defendant who did not offer him a body harness, protective gear or other precautions, but here the cops seized on a case of unnatural death,” a said a former senior wildlife warden.

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