Rancho Mirage community’s coyote removal plans scrapped after residents raise concerns

Residents surrounding Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage have expressed concern about coyote removal plans in the area.

Once the club hears these concerns, they will not move forward with corrective action.

In a weekly newsletter sent to members and residents, the club said it would “address the recent influx of coyotes onto the course and throughout the community.” The club said it was a way to keep members, residents and their pets safe.

However, this announcement only caused concern among some residents.

“They were planning to trap and kill coyotes,” country club resident Randi Feilich said.

Since coyote relocation is banned in California, locals say there are more humane ways to deal with the problem.

There are ways to protect your pets and that’s something we want to do with the community is to educate them so they keep their animals safe,” said the founder of Palm Springs Wildlife Advocates. , Bettina Rosemarino, “So there’s a peaceful coexistence and we it’s not just the result of these killing programs.”

Many of them say the coyotes haven’t caused much trouble in their neighborhood.

“They’re native to our community, they’re a vital part of our ecosystem, and they all play a part in our ecosystem,” Feilich added.

And that snares, which are a common means of eliminating coyotes, might actually do more harm than good. “Any of our pets or a loose dog or feral cat can fall victim to the snare and have a very painful, slow death,” Feilich explained.

After days spent denouncing this withdrawal, Mission Hills Country Club released this statement:

As a member of the Mission Hills community, we have been asked to explore solutions to address growing concerns about the coyote population in the neighborhood. Upon receipt of the request, we contacted the Director of Game and Wildlife for further information. After speaking with them and understanding our options, we are not moving forward with corrective action. »

Members and residents still plan to hold a protest Saturday morning to engage the community and highlight the importance of avoiding inhumane coyote removal when possible.

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