Raleigh residents can rest easy with termite treatment solutions from Sustainable Pest

Termites are common insects that infest homes and invade wooden elements such as framing. If the insects multiply, the pests could destroy the house and cause major damage more quickly. By learning more about extermination services, homeowners can maintain their property and get rid of pests quickly.

Evaluation of hollow points in walls and floors

With termite treatment services, the extermination team examines the property looking for holes in the walls and floor. These signs of damage indicate that termites have infested the home and are eating away at framing and other building materials. If the infestation is that widespread, the homeowner will need more extensive pest control and repair services.

Making Termites Break Through Walls

If the homeowner sees insects flying through cracks in or around the walls, the infestation has reached a critical level and the termites are in all the walls of the property. The conditions require prompt pest control services to eliminate the termite colony and prevent other insects from entering the interior of the property. At the first sign of termites in interior spaces, contact them for immediate pest control services.

Cut off food and water sources

When exterminating termites, the team will need to put up barriers around the colonies under the house. Termites burrow into the ground and build structures to come and go to bring food and water to the entire colony. If these sources are cut off, the insects will starve and die.

Keep firewood away from exterior walls

Firewood placed too close to exterior walls gives pests a place to breed and invade the property. Termites can build nests and colonies under firewood, and the wood becomes an immediate food source for insects.

Configuring Inspections

At the first sign of termites, the owner can set up an inspection of the crawl space and the lower level of the property. Termites inhabit lower areas to go unnoticed, but as colonies grow, the homeowner will see termites flying around porch lights in swarms. By examining these spaces, the pest control team finds better ways to eliminate insects and protect the home.

Treat the house against termites

Applying an insecticide is a common technique to kill termites, but the crew must first cut off food and water sources. If the property has a severe termite infestation, several treatments are needed to manage the pests.

Where to Get Pest Control

Termites are insects that eat wood used in the construction of residential properties. Insects can invade the house if the colony grows and goes unnoticed. At the first sign of insects, the homeowner must have pest control services in place or the property could suffer serious structural damage.

Sustainable pest control systems provides prompt pest control services to all property owners in the Raleigh service area. The company has a long history of providing quality pest control and extermination services. Homeowners can learn more about services by scheduling an appointment now.

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