PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Treatment Protects Dogs



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Dealing with fleas and ticks is part of the life of a dog owner. As the warmer months approach and dogs spend even more time outdoors, it’s time to think about flea and tick preventative measures. According to customers, PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Treatment provides an affordable solution to pest control.

The main ingredient in all PetArmor products is fipronil, an insecticide designed to kill fleas and ticks already present. The Plus line adds S-methoprene to its formulas, which prevents pests from reproducing or reaching maturity if they survive a series of insecticides. PetArmor Plus is effective on fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and biting lice.

The combination of these ingredients protects puppies against flea eggs and larvae, including ticks that can transmit Lyme disease, for up to 12 weeks and prevents the development of flea pupae (which hatch after four days) for up to 12 weeks. ‘to 30 days. The formula also kills the mites that cause sarcoptic mange, a highly contagious skin disease, which can spread from pets to humans. In addition, it is effective against deer ticks, dog ticks, American dog ticks and solitary ticks.

Buy it! PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Treatment, $ 25.36 (orig. $ 29.99);

Customers love how well it works. “I have been using this product for two years and my dogs have no fleas. This product is easy to apply and dries quickly,” one explained. “My boys had no reaction or sensitivity. It works as well as the more expensive brands and there is no lingering smell or grease.”

To use, simply squeeze a pre-portioned dose onto your dog’s coat and skin every four weeks (this purchase includes three treatments). It should start killing fleas and ticks within 48 hours. It is important to note that this formula is alone intended for dogs and should not be used on cats. In fact, cats should not come in contact with treated dogs for at least 24 hours.

Another customer was eager to share how quickly the formula was working. “I am so glad that when I applied [this], the dogs stopped the itching pretty much overnight. I haven’t found a live chip on them since, “they wrote.

PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Treatment is available in four different strengths to accommodate dogs weighing up to 132 pounds. You can get it on sale from Chewy today.

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