Outdoor products made in Iowa, from insect repellents to bike panniers

Bug Soother, invented by Iowa grandmother Freda Sojka in the aftermath of the 2008 floods, is now sold worldwide. Its maker, Simply Soothing, Inc, was purchased by Eco Lips, Inc in March 2021. — Emma McClatchey/Little Village

Eco Lips – SPF lip balms, sunscreen and insect repellent

Based in Cedar Rapids

Protect your lips and skin from the heat and the mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums and other plagues of Iowa. Eco Lips lip balm is made with organic products, with a choice of 15 or 30 SPF and three flavors: mint, berry and sport. Eco Lips purchased Columbus Junction Simply Soothing, Inc. in 2021, and now sells the massively successful Bug Soother product, a DEET-free bug spray using the natural insect repellents lemongrass and vanilla, with added vitamin E to moisturize the skin.

Fox River Mills – Socks

Based in Osage

This small, privately owned hosiery factory has been manufacturing some of America’s most popular socks for outdoor sports and recreation since 1900. Fox River also produces a performance sock suitable for women, with a smaller toe box and heel pockets.

Kenai Coolers – Coolers

Based in Decorah

Kenai coolers are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and the company encourages customers to test that promise in “the mountains, the desert, the prairies, and the prairies, or a spring stream in Iowa.” Kenais are more affordable than many brands of outdoor coolers, and although the company is named after an Alaskan borough, it’s rooted in northeast Iowa.

Holstein MFG – Grills

Based in Holstein

Since selling the first grill in 1976, Holstein MFG has become a leading supplier of grills for food production, food consumption, agriculture, catering, catering and personal use. It’s not your grandfather’s Weber; even domestic Holstein grills could hold enough meat to feed a horde. Impress your neighbors with their four-rack rotisserie.

Original Udder Balm – Lotion, analgesic cream

Based in West Des Moines

The summer heat can be extremely exhausting. Original Udder Balm is a common product after exposure to sun and dirt, which can make your skin dry, irritated and wrinkled. All that hard work in the sun can also cause muscle soreness – for those, you can try Doc Hoag’s Menthol Pain Relief Cream.

Ironweed – Bike Bags

Based in Iowa City

Ironweed’s heavy-duty bike panniers, or panniers, are water resistant and hold their shape no matter what’s in them or not. Founder Brian Loring wanted to design a “graceful” pannier that would fit both new and vintage bikes. “So I made a saddlebag that, in addition to being functional, would fit a mixed 1972 Jack Taylor,” he said. Ironweed also sells the brackets, brackets and straps needed to adapt the bag to your ride.

Winnebago – RVs, trailers, vans, transporters

Based in Forest City

Winnebago Industries was founded in Forest City, Winnebago County, Iowa in 1958. Since then, its brand name has become synonymous with recreational vehicles. (Winnebago County, and therefore the Winnebago brand, was named for the native Ho-Chunk, or Winnebago, tribes of the Midwest). While its headquarters moved to Eden Prairie, Minnesota in 2021, the company maintained its thousands of Iowa employees in Forest City and beyond.

Grizzly – Coolers

Based in Decorah

Designed not only to protect your food and drink, but also to prevent wildlife from entering the coolers and harming themselves, Grizzly coolers offer “optimal safety, durability and performance, even in the most extreme conditions” , and are tested with real grizzlies. bear to ensure their bear-proof status. And you bet they sell Hawkeyes and Cyclones brand coolers.

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