New Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service Franchise, Critter Control Launches in 4 Counties

A business specializing in the removal of rodents, raccoons, bats, birds and other wildlife has expanded to four central counties in the state.

James Houston launched Carlisle Creature Controlwhich serves the counties of Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and Snyder.

The franchise offers free home inspections to anyone who thinks they have a wildlife problem.

“Our ultimate goal is to keep the people of Carlisle safe, while creating employment opportunities for area residents who may be interested in our exciting work opportunities,” said James Houston, owner of Critter Control. of Carlisle, in a press release. “Our humane methods address issues that arise in area homes while maintaining respect for the animals and wildlife that cause them.”

New Critter Control franchisees attend training sessions at Critter Control’s Atlanta headquarters, featuring simulated environments that the company says prepares crews for any wildlife scenario. The company says it focuses on safety, ongoing education and training, and prioritizes the humane removal of animals from homes and yards. Critter Control also says it works with owners to prevent situations from happening again.

“Carlisle’s vast farmland is known for producing the dairy, beef and hops that area residents can typically find at local farmers’ markets, but where there are livestock and crops, there are also often has harmful wildlife creatures that take up residence in inconvenient places,” the company said in a press release. “Squirrel, bat and rodent infestations are common for residents of Carlisle and Critter Control is here to help.”

Members of the US military are eligible for service discounts.

The franchise is a mobile home business located in Lititz, Lancaster County, but serves Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and Snyder counties. The franchise officially opened on October 13. Those interested in their services in the four counties can schedule an appointment by calling 717-208-4263.

Another creature control franchisee (Lancaster Creature Control) covers York and Lancaster counties and part of Dauphin County.

Critter Control of Carlisle is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Critter Control operates franchises and company-owned locations in more than 100 markets across the United States and Canada.

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