My Neighbor From Hell Shoots Bug Repellent Through My Bedroom Window And Installs Weird Signs Above My Fence

A NEIGHBOR from hell throws bug spray through the window of the next room and puts up weird signs on top of their fence – and it drives them nuts.

In one instance, the horror neighbor realizes she’s being filmed and shoots a chilling stare through the cracks in her fence.


Neighbor from hell caught in the act of shooting bug spray into next door bedroom windowCredit: TikTok/@lauraleemiles
The horror neighbor likes to put up furious signs to express her anger


The horror neighbor likes to put up furious signs to express her angerCredit: TikTok/@lauraleemiles

In another clip shared on TikTok, users saw how the old retiree went to piss off those who lived next to her.

“She likes to make signs,” the victimized neighbor said, pointing to one in her garden and others by the living room and bedroom windows.

One of the more mundane signs read, “Private Property. Keep clear of the fence. No trespassing.”

But others bordered on the comic.

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“Marijuana smoke and smell allergy. Private property,” reads the other.

The ranking behavior has drawn hilarious comments online.

One user wrote: “I would give a rebuttal sign and cover your window with this that says ‘allergic to raid’.

Another posted: “You should make one that says ‘Allergic to ‘Beware of Peeping Raider’ signs.”

A third joked: “You need to have a big family barbecue in your backyard! Bring your own joints, we’re lighting up for dessert.”

Others expressed concern about OLHI’s tactics.

Rose said, “An eyeball peeking through the cracks is my creep trigger, it really freaks me out. I’d be so stapling landscaping fabric.”

“What state are you in? If it’s legal where you are, maybe tell her there are many allergens in nature and she should stay indoors,” one wrote. second.

It comes as a frustrated motorist created a social media account to document his annoying neighbor.

TikTok user @stubs259 uploaded several videos showing their neighbor’s antics, which have tens of thousands of views.

The description on the TikTok account reads, “Sharing the adventures of my bad neighbors. Driveway is shared car access.

In one video, the TikTok user’s car can be seen parked on the left side against a wall.

A Mercedes C-Class belonging to the neighbor pulls up and backs into the shared driveway.

A man gets out and walks away, leaving the C-Class in a position that means the other car can’t get out.

There are several videos uploaded showing the same thing, including one saying the C-Class was left for three days.

On another video, there is the caption: “Big looks and I play with my trash cans!”

A woman believed to be the man’s wife steps out of a garage door and looks at the TikTok user’s Ring doorbell camera.

The woman then heads to the trash cans at the back of the garage and inspects what’s inside.

A third video is captioned: ‘Adventures of Bad Neighbour.

‘When I go to my front door and he hears me!’

The video shows the same man walking towards a fence and looking over it for a moment, clearly trying to catch the TikTok user doing something wrong.

TikTok users laughed at hilariously passive aggressive posting


TikTok users laughed at hilariously passive aggressive postingCredit: TikTok/@lauraleemiles
A user suggested the neighbor put up their own protest signs


A user suggested the neighbor put up their own protest signsCredit: TikTok/@lauraleemiles

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