Mum raises money for lifesaving treatment after safari bug bite left her with sepsis and ulcers

A mum could die from a bug bite she received on her right calf five years ago if she doesn’t raise enough money for pioneering liposuction. Fern Wormald, 48, suffered for years after catching an insect bite while on safari with her daughter in Senegal.

At one point doctors thought they would need to amputate the limb, but now doctors fear the huge mass of fluid in his leg could become fatal if it continues to build up. The fluid in Fern’s leg has already led to cellulitis and sepsis, which can be fatal.

Her only chance of getting rid of sepsis is to undergo pioneering liposuction which is currently not available on the NHS. There are few UK clinics that can perform the procedure which costs around £15,000, reports Yorkshire Live.

Fern, from Heckmondwicke, West Yorkshire, said: “At the moment I have 11 ulcers on my leg and they are very painful. The scary thing is that the doctors said the fluid in my leg was so stagnant that the sepsis will linger there, unless I get this treatment.

“The treatment will help get the fluid out and then the sepsis will go with it. Sepsis is a really big killer. It’s very time sensitive. I live with the threat all the time.”

She was found unconscious at home last month and taken in an ambulance to hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with sepsis, which was believed to be caused by the pre-existing lymphedema.

“Sepsis occurs when the body overreacts to infections, such as lymphedema and cellulitis. Treatment will sort out the lymphedema, which in turn will potentially sort out the infection (sepsis). This can potentially save my life. J I was extremely bad last month. The doctors said I was lucky.”

Fern suffers from painful leg ulcers

Fern and her daughter Harrie-Anna were in The Gambia teaching math and English in schools when they decided to extend their trip to spend time in Senegal. Fern didn’t experience any symptoms until about 24 hours after the bite, when her leg swelled up.

She continued: “It was scary. The doctors said the infection was very strong and at one point they talked about amputating my leg there. I don’t know what it was. One doctor thought it was a snakebite, another said spider and another said mosquito.

“They gave me antibiotics and I never thought about it. When I got home it got worse. You can see in the pictures I had huge blisters and then it went away. has since deteriorated.

“I was in hospital for seven weeks with this initially. I was delirious and hallucinating. I had worn trousers and flip flops for the safari. There was no advice to the contrary. I think flip flops don’t bother me. didn’t help though. My advice to anyone going on safari in Africa is don’t wear flip flops.”

Fern has trouble sleeping because of the pain in her leg
Fern has trouble sleeping because of the pain in her leg

A GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Fern’s treatment has been started by her friend Laura Hopkinson.

She said: “This is a chance, a chance to improve her life. So please help her if you can, if she has ever helped you, now is the time to give back. kindness she shows to others. She’s the kindest woman.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe campaign here.

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