Mosquito Authority Provides Premium Mosquito Treatment Services in a Streamlined, Four-Step Process in Hickory, NC

Hickory, North Carolina – Mosquito Authority is a family owned and locally operated company with 20 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. The company specializes in a wide range of pest control services, with its key service being mosquito control and treatment. Despite their small size, studies show that mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest creatures that can transmit more than 28 known diseases, including West Nile, encephalitis, dengue, and malaria. With over 3,000 known species of mosquitoes, studies have further shown that these tiny creatures cause the highest number of human deaths per animal per year (750,000). Through the Mosquito Authority, which is concerned with protecting families from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, they offer personalized treatment programs through a four-step process designed to meet clients’ specific needs when treating problems. of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Authority provides an automatic mosquito fogging system designed to eradicate mosquitoes and other insects from infested homes and businesses. In a statement highlighting the importance of installing the Mosquito Fogging System, the company representative said: “Our Mosquito Fogging System is designed to help you regain control of your garden without hassle or interruption of your cover. It’s an ideal solution for homeowners who are tired of short-term fixes like candles and insect repellent and want to enjoy every square inch of their property, even during mosquito season.

The mosquito misting system is designed to provide a long term solution over mosquito coils, repellents and candles. Upon installation, the misting system is equipped with a nozzle circuit to provide automatic dissipation of a fine mist of industrial-grade mosquito repellent, typically two to three times per day. This method of treatment is effective in eliminating mosquitoes and other insects or pests. Along with other additional features such as leak detection and agitation, this system is also unique in that it can be activated remotely via smartphone via the company’s iMist app. As an additional service, the company also provides monthly maintenance of the misting systems to ensure they are working properly and efficiently.

In addition, the company also provides mosquito barrier control service. It involves a step-by-step procedure that usually interrupts their life cycle. The treatment process involves the identification and treatment of identified mosquito hotspots and their larvae. They also offer a mosquito repellent guarantee as the last step in their treatment process. With this guarantee, dissatisfied clients can rest assured that the company’s team will reassess their property and provide restatement at no additional cost until they are satisfied.

Mosquito Authority is located at 346 9th St SE, Hickory, NC, 28602. For general inquiries regarding their mosquito control services, contact their customer service team by phone at 888-457-6630. Visit the company’s website for learn more about Mosquito Authority.

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