Make your own shampoo with WONDR refillable products

Make your own shampoo or shower gel in seconds with AWE and WONDR. Based in Belgium, WONDR has unveiled its brand new hair and body care line to reduce plastic and product waste.

Founded in 2020 by Tibbe Vershaffel, WONDR has been developing quality products to market globally ever since. Whether you’re looking for shampoo or body care, or want to improve your lasting impact, this brand has it all.

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Pink silicone shampoo bottle with sachets

In addition, WONDR products are vegan and made without palm oil, silicones, parabens and plastic waste. Instead, the company says its powder packets are packed with superfood ingredients for your hair and skin. Simply open the paper bag, pour the powder into WONDR’s reusable bottle, fill with water and shake to mix.

Lay bags flat

The shampoo powders are available in three all-natural scents to match different skin and hair types: Healthy Herbs, You’re So Peachy and Creamy Coconut. There are also three shower gel refills: Herbal Revolution, Peach on Earth and In Love with the Coco. Powder development and sachets won out over other methods explored by WONDR, such as liquid concentrates and dissolving tablets.

A mockup of the bottle design

Plus, each sachet of powder is equivalent to two 500-milliliter shower bottles and offers a greener alternative to the plastic, mostly water-filled bottles we see on store shelves. Originally, the product packaging was designed to be high-tech with a sensor and switch, but the company opted for a simpler, less technical look. After much trial and error, WONDR came up with their latest iteration of the silicone bottle. Its design is durable, lasts a lifetime and is dishwasher safe.

Blue and pink silicone bottles in water

Powders and bottles are shipped without water transport, which reduces overall transport and CO2 emissions. The packaging is biodegradable and made with Kraft paper and a polylactic acid (PLA) coating. PLA is an eco-friendly bioplastic made from renewable biomass.

Coconut scents for body and hair care in blue sachets

According to the company’s Kickstarter, it works with factories committed to low energy consumption. Compared to making traditional shampoos, WONDR products use 90% less CO2. Additionally, the powder manufacturing process is zero waste and anything considered waste is reused.

There is also a two-year warranty to ensure you receive the best customer satisfaction, and any returns will be recycled. That probably won’t be necessary, however, since WONDR successfully hit its Kickstarter goal within five minutes of launch.


Images via WONDR

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