Launch of the Natural Fly Spray For Horses product

Stop Bugg’n offers relief from flies and other annoying biting insects, which can make horses and other pets unhappy. The product is safe for dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs and other barn and ranch animals.

Stop Bugg’n and Michele Navarro are pleased to announce the introduction of their exclusive formula for a natural fly spray for horses and other farm, ranch, and companion animals. The proprietary blend of active ingredients and essential oils is safe for dogs, cats, goats, pigs, horses, and other ranch and barn animals. The product is an environmentally friendly insect repellant that does not use harmful chemicals. It can be used in barns, homes or directly on animals.

the organic fly spray is safe for animals, environmentally friendly and efficient. The spray does not contain any harsh chemicals to breathe in or absorb through the skin. It has a light floral scent and does not leave the coat greasy. The product has been proven to repel flies for hours. Stop Bugg’n is sweat resistant, so it doesn’t need to be constantly reapplied. Stop Buggn equine spray is a natural alternative to chemical fly sprays. It protects horses from mosquitoes, lice, house flies, horn flies, horse flies, ticks and stable flies.

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A spokesperson for the company explains: “Your horse is your companion and your best friend. We love horses and know what it feels like when your best friend or workmate isn’t feeling well or has itchy, sore or other types of skin infections. We’re here to save your horse from fly attacks that can lead to skin infection with our highly effective and environmentally friendly Stop Bugg’n organic fly spray.

The product repels insects and flies for hours and guarantees refreshing and hygienic stables and stables. The product offers unbeatable control against flies and insects. It is safe for most horses, even those with sensitive skin. The spray eliminates the need for bulky fly sheets, horse clothing and fly masks. There are no toxic chemicals in its formulation. Stop Bugg’n contains a proprietary blend of essential oils and various active ingredients. Our organic fly spray creates a repellant zone against house flies, biting flies, horn flies and other flying pests.

About the company:

Stop Bugg’n is an organic fly repellent product of natural origin. The product is safe and effective. The product grows back for hours.

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