Launch of new precision spray systems

OnTarget Spray Systems is showcasing its latest efficient sprayers at the World Ag Expo, February 8-10, 2022 in Tulare, CA.

“We’ve been perfecting our technology for more than 25 years,” said Willie Hartman, president of OnTarget Spray Systems. “But the proof is with our producers in North and South America. They cut their spray time in half.”

OnTarget’s articulated rig demonstrates full coverage on a California citrus grove.

And time isn’t the only resource growers save with OnTarget’s electrostatic technology. “Farmers reported using 80% less water and 50% less diesel and power when switching to OnTarget,” Hartman said.

Terry Peltzer, a fourth-generation farmer growing citrus in Ivanhoe, California, found that OnTarget only used 50 gallons of water per acre. “Typical airblast sprayers require 100 to 500 gallons of water per acre while OnTarget only uses 50 gallons,” Peltzer said. “We spray for mites, thrips, worms, mealybugs and foliar nutrition. The red scale used to be our worst enemy, but now it’s better mastered and we can chase it all down with OnTarget. »

Citrus growers aren’t the only ones who appreciate OnTarget’s technology. Growers working in cherries, cane berries, nuts and vineyards also trust OnTarget.

TJ Hafner, Agricare’s chief agronomist in Oregon, appreciates the labor and fuel savings since switching to OnTarget’s electrostatic sprayers. “We changed primarily to get more coverage, which translated into good pest control,” he said. “With the help of these sprayers, we were able to control spotted wing drosophila and mummy, two of the most problematic pests in organic blueberry production.

Agricare sprays organic blueberries in Oregon.

In the more than six years the farm has been using OnTarget, Agricare has come to embrace the technology’s efficiencies, many of which can be attributed to low water usage. “With pesticide label permitted products, we get down to 16 gallons of water per acre and still get better coverage compared to using an air-blast sprayer when we were using 75-100 gallons per acre” , Hafner said.

OnTarget Spray Systems will showcase its latest technology at the World Ag Expo at North Exhibit, Booth N37. Attendees can feel the patented precision electrostatic charge and see eight unique specialty crop sprayers.

For a free cost savings analysis of how OnTarget can help your operation, click here.

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