Improving access to health products on the UK self-care app

The health app saw record sales of ORS Hydration Tablets earlier this month thanks to an unprecedented heatwave that boosted demand for rehydration products and demonstrated the importance of ubiquitous access to solutions for unforeseen health problems.

Global biotech has been innovating within the healthcare industry to develop products that address “gaps in unmet medical needs”​ with a focus on wellness, nutrition andprevention of health problems »​.

Access to its products and other brands improved dramatically last year, when Clinova launched the full version of the Caidr health app – with a search engine that took five years to develop. .

Clinova co-founder Arsalan Karim said: “Caidr Search is both easy to find and simple to use. You simply type in a health topic you’d like to learn more about, and Caidr takes care of the rest.

rapid rise

Since its inception, Clinova has attracted the support of leading industry players, such as Proctor & Gamble, Novartis and Reckitt Benckiser, which has helped it achieve rapid and dynamic growth.

The company reported a 500% increase in annual sales in 2020, compared to the previous year, which was attributed to demand for key brands, ORS hydration tablets and Covaflu (disposable respiratory masks), and its ability tounderstand and meet customer requirements with effective product solutions“.

Additionally, he appointed former investment banker Alessandro Barnaba as strategy advisor to Clinova’s board of directors. “next phase of growth”.

Easy access

The free app was created by a team of pharmacists and medical experts as a one-stop-shop for self-treatment of common medical conditions and helps consumers recognize minor ailments from more serious conditions and reduce the burden health care.

The Caidr search engine provides information on medical conditions, symptoms, prognosis, corrective advice, treatment options, as well as general advice, and employs a “Natural language modelwhich enables responsive system-wide content updates in just under 0.9 seconds, the company said.

Caidr’s language processor uses algorithms to design personalized feeds from a lexicon of 97,000 medical terms and nine specialty areas.

Additionally, the app has a messaging option and provides wellness content and localized health tips for overseas travel.

Barnaba explained that the application and the products “It addresses real-life wellness issues at a time when healthcare across the world has never been more vital and, simultaneously, more strained.”

Product range

Health products featured in the Caidr results pages can be purchased directly through the app’s online store, including Clinova’s natural product portfolio.

This includes the caffeine supplements WAYK (to boost energy and mental function), Magastic (aids digestion and metabolism) and Repelsect (insect repellent made from essential oils), which are also available at pharmacies and from other online shopping channels.

Clinova’s leading brand, ORS Hydration Tablets, is formulated to World Health Organization hydration standards. Biotech is also the official hydration supplier of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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