Immediate and Professional Wildlife Removal for Raleigh and Charlotte Residents

Creatures like squirrels, raccoons, and opossums can look cute and play vital roles in local ecosystems. As many Raleigh and Charlotte homeowners know, these cute creatures can also be extremely destructive if found in homes or outbuildings.

Landowners should be aware that wildlife removal is not a do-it-yourself job. It should always be left to trained professionals who know how to safely, quickly and humanely trap and remove any type of animal.

When to call for help

When pests take up residence in a home’s attic, crawl space, or living areas, homeowners must act immediately. Squirrels, raccoons, bats and many birds are social creatures, so it’s only a matter of time before things get out of hand. Instead of letting wildlife populations grow unchecked, homeowners should call to plan pest control in Raleigh whenever any of these common warning signs appear:

Unusual odors

Scratching noises behind walls or under floors

Insulation falling off the walls

Visible signs such as animal droppings

Find nests in eaves or insulation

Entry points into the house

It is best to act immediately. When the creatures begin to nest in attics, under porches, or other areas intended for human use, they often do so with the intention of breeding. The last thing a homeowner wants is an entire nest of birds, squirrels, or raccoons, so call a pest control specialist as soon as any signs of trouble arise.

Aspects of wildlife control

There is a very important step in pest control. Professional wildlife control teams:

Trap and remove all animals currently in or around the house.

Take steps to exclude nuisance wildlife.

In some cases, owners can also benefit from ongoing inspections. Unfortunately, many wildlife species are territorial and can be persistent enough to regain control of their nesting spaces.

A good animal control company will be able to provide control measures that are safe for the family and the environment, including wildlife removal. Remember that the same animals that become pests when they interfere with human life still play a vital role in wild ecosystems. Humane trapping and excluding wildlife are great ways to ensure that wildlife stays where they belong: in the wild.

Dealing with wildlife can be dangerous

Wildlife control and elimination are not tasks that should be undertaken by untrained owners. Wild animals can pose serious dangers to the whole family, including children and pets. Many of them carry rabies and other serious diseases, and even healthy animals will not hesitate to attack people if they sense their young are threatened.

Wildlife control experts have all the equipment and expertise needed to safely eliminate pest animals. They can also remove feces that could otherwise pose a hazard to human health.

Trust the professionals

Instead of risking injury trying to remove an animal themselves, owners in Raleigh and Charlotte can plan a wildlife service call with Sustainable Pest Systems. The company offers a full pest control service, including safe wildlife removal, and guarantees the results.

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