I’m a pest control expert – my two ingredient DIY spray will get rid of spiders in your home and is very inexpensive

THE summer heat can attract all kinds of creepy critters to your home, including spiders.

If your home is home to these eight-legged creatures, there’s a simple trick you can use.


Instagram user Kamana Bhaskaran shared her DIY two-ingredient spider sprayCredit: Instagram

Instagrammer Kamana Bhaskaran showed her followers how to rid their homes of spiders using a simple DIY spray.

“Spiders coming into the house in the summer heat? Let me show you how to keep them away with this all-natural spider spray,” the Instagrammer posted.

“Fill a spray bottle with two cups of water. Add peppermint oil (1/4 cup) and stir,” she explained.

“Spray along the perimeter of the house, entryways and windows, and in the corners along the baseboard,” Kamana advised.

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She explained, “The peppermint scent repels spiders and keeps them away.”

Kamana’s followers took to the comments section of his Instagram video to share their appreciation for the helpful hack.

“I’m really trying this! Summer brings them too close for comfort,” one user commented.

Another viewer said, “I’m spraying the whole house! Thank you.”

“Super helpful!! Saw one for the first time today! Run to the store to get some peppermint oil now,” a third person wrote.

Another user said, “Yeah! My mom has been using peppermint oil forever to repel spiders. It really works!”

Kamana showed how to use his DIY spider spray


Kamana showed how to use his DIY spider sprayCredit: Instagram

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