Humane wildlife removal services with Critter Stop.

Do you have a problem with critters entering your home? If you have already discovered critters in your home, it is essential to act quickly. Critter Stop can help you get rid of animals and keep them from coming back. The company offers trapping and removal, remediation and exclusion, rodent control, and wildlife management services to meet all of your critter control needs.

Southlake, Texas – April 25, 2022 – If you ever encounter a wild animal in your home, it is best to call Southlake Pet Moving Services for the moving service. Animal removal services are experts in trapping and removing wild animals. They will safely remove the animal from your home and move it to a safe place. Critter Stop has a team of experts experienced in wildlife trapping and removal. They treat every creature invasion as an emergency, thus offering a 24-hour turnaround for estimates for all of their services.

Common furry animals such as raccoons in the attic Southlake, squirrels, opossums and rats take up residence in your spaces such as walls, attics and basements. Most of these animals can be destructive. Hence the need to contact Critter Stop, which offers humane wildlife removal services. We believe in removing large animals and returning them to a safe place outdoors.

At Critter Stop, not only do we do Wildlife Removal Services in Southlakebut we also make sure that we have carried out a thorough inspection of your home to determine your level of sanitation and restore your homes to clean and safe spaces to ensure that the problem does not happen again.

About Us

Creature Stop is a very humane animal moving company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer a lifetime warranty which gives you the assurance that if a creature returns to your home, we will come back and do a free move for you. Contact us today for our services.

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