Have your kids brought lice home? Here’s the head lice shampoo or treatment an expert needs

“Please come get your child. There is an outbreak of lice in their class and we have found nits on their head. This call will send tendrils of ice down your spine along with a large number of Everyone knows that getting rid of head lice is difficult, and the best head lice treatments and head lice shampoos aren’t always what you expect.

You’ve probably heard that lice shampoos, which have long been considered the gold standard of delousing topicals, are failing us as lice become resistant. This is unfortunately true, according to Dr. Todd Minars, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Now the question is how do we deal with head lice in a time when what we have always done no longer works.

Best Lice Treatments and Lice Shampoos

What are your options?

As you might have guessed, there is a literal science to successfully eliminating head lice. Minars tells Best Products, “One of the reasons for treatment failure is that some medications treat head lice but not ‘nits’. Nits are lice eggs, and they “often produce a new generation of lice that hatched after you thought you had treated the scalp. Eggs are not killed by chemical treatments and therefore must be physically removed.

You will also have to wash every garment in your home in a wash and heat dry cycle. And don’t forget to empty absolutely everything. If your vacuum isn’t the best, consider this an opportunity to upgrade, because you don’t want recurring lice from a subpar vacuum.

Physical withdrawal

You can go to a lice removal center and have it done for you, or you can do it at home using a nit comb and some form of hair lubricant, such as conditioner. (Pantene is very popular in these installations.) Additionally, Minars notes that some places go back and forth between removal and a heat source like a hair dryer, which speeds up the process.

Topical treatments

Treating the lice themselves is a little easier, but it can be expensive. Minars warns that “topical head lice shampoo options are usually very tedious and messy, but this is an important step in eradicating the infestation.” He also recommends looking for head lice shampoos that contain pyrethrins combined with piperonyl butoxide or 1% permethrin lotion as active ingredients.

It may take several steps and several treatments to rid your house and your buds of pests. If all of your treatments fail and you find that you are still infested with overwhelming bugs, you will need to seek prescription options from your provider or, perhaps, an exorcism. Lice are bad, after all.

All of the products below have been used by you or by people I know personally. These are the best options currently available. But you better believe that if science comes up with a silver bullet, I’ll gladly add it here.

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