Flea Treatment Creates Drastic Behavior Change Dr Fox


” Fipronil is toxic to birds, lizards, fish, crayfish, shrimp, bees, and other animals. Minute concentrations (as low as five parts per trillion) have caused unwanted effects. “

I believe, and my vet agrees: Fipronil is the root cause of aggressive behavior in Parkinson’s disease. – BB, Saint-Louis

Reply • I very much appreciate your observations and the possible confirmation of the anti-flea product making your dog aggressive. The aggression could have been fear-induced because Fipronil made your dog more fearful or anxious. He might engage in defensive fear bites, with possible adrenal involvement, or be more irritable and prone to offensive assault, which could be due to the drug’s effects on the thyroid gland or central nervous system.

Fiprinol is one of a class of chemicals that block nerve conduction (called GABA-dependent chloride channels) to which many insect species are very sensitive. Pharmaceutical company Merck is promoting Bravecto, a new oral dog medicine that kills fleas and ticks, available only from veterinarians. The company claims one dose works for 12 weeks and is safe for pregnant and lactating bitches. He reports that the most common side effects recorded in clinical trials were vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, polydipsia and gas. The active insecticide in this product is an isoxazolin called fluralaner, which belongs to the same class of isoxazolin insecticides as fiprinol. The same is true for the drug afoxolaner contained in NexGard from Merial.

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