Feline calming spray, plus pet veterinary portal and more

Here is our regular overview of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

Kitten perfume spray

Animal Science Labs formulated this scented spray to relieve cat anxiety using the cat owner’s natural scent. Kitty Comfort Spray combines the molecules of a cat owner’s scent in a highly concentrated formula with therapeutic-grade essential oils, including lavender, geranium and roman chamomile. The spray is completely natural and herbal.

K9 Air Filter Dog Mask

With an N95 air filter option, the Good Air Team K9 Mask Dog Air Filter offers a new way to protect working dogs from opioid inhalation when assisting police officers in drug raids.

PetSafe Multi-Cat Litter Box

The PetSafe Multi-Cat Litter Box is extra large in size and was created for multi-cat families to provide enough space for felines to share. It simplifies cleaning with high sides to ensure litter stays inside the box while the sturdy metal shovel picks up trash easily. The covered trash can also has removable individual compartments for the litter scoop and waste for organization next to the box. Magnets under the bin lid keep it closed until it’s time to pick it up.

Shepherd Veterinary Software Pet Portal

Shepherd Veterinary Software has created a pet portal that offers customers the ability to request appointments and prescription renewals online. This new tool aims to help relieve the stress of reception. The veterinary team can respond to each request, quickly add the appointment to their schedule and notify the client. Customers can also access their pet’s prescription history and check the number of refills remaining.

Pet Wellness Direct Protect Dog Shampoo and Protect Home + Dog Spray

These 2 safe, all-natural pest control products effectively kill fleas, ticks and other insects on contact. Pet Wellness Direct Protect Dog Shampoo and Protect Home+ Dog Spray are formulated with plant-based ingredients, containing cedar oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, coconut oil and aloe. They contain no harsh soaps or detergents and are safe to use on pets, furniture, carpets and bedding all year round.

Health Whistle

Whistle Health is a data-driven, AI-powered device that translates dogs’ every movement into a personalized, holistic wellness score. It uses trillions of clinical information and data points to track health behaviors such as drinking, eating, scratching, sleeping, licking, fitness and activity. When Whistle Health is paired with the Whistle app, the device can detect and alert pet owners to any potential health issues (eg excessive scratching or changes in diet). Pet parents can then be put in touch with a veterinarian through Whistle’s Ask a Vet service.

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