DWR seeks information on the slaughter of male deer and the removal of their antlers

SPRINGVILLE, Utah – The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is asking for the public’s help with information regarding a male deer that was killed in Sanpete County, with his antlers removed.

DWR officers were tipped earlier this month after an individual discovered the animal near Clarion Road between the Barex Dairy family farm and the Redmond Salt Mine. It lies about five kilometers north of the border between Sanpete and Sevier counties.

Antlers removed from male deer

According to DWR officers, the antlers had been removed from the animal, while the rest of the meat was left unattended.

During the investigation, DWR officers had uncovered evidence that the animal was likely killed in another location and moved by vehicle to the area where it was later discovered. Additionally, DWR officials determined during the investigation that the animal was killed either the night of January 3 or the morning of January 4.

In addition, during the investigation, a blanket was found. DWR officials believe this blanket may have been used to move the deer from where it was killed to where it was found.

Anyone with information about this specific case is asked to call 801-850-8272. Rewards for information are available, while the request for confidentiality is respected.

In 2021, DWR officers confirmed the illegal killing of more than 1,150 animals with an estimated value of $610,000.

How to report wildlife crimes

  • By calling the UTiP Hotline at 800-662-3337
  • UTDWR Law Enforcement Enforcement
  • By texting 847411
  • Online via the DWR website

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