Cwmbran residents ‘very upset’ over removal of geese from canal towpath

RESIDENTS said they were ‘very upset’ after two geese were removed from a canal towpath area in Cwmbran after allegedly being ‘aggressive’ and attacking members of the public.

Nine geese have made their home on the canal in the Deux écluses area for several years, living alongside residents who have helped feed and care for them.

But last month a letter was sent by Torfaen council saying it had received complaints that the birds had ‘attacked and been aggressive towards members of the public on separate occasions’.

The complaints involved two Buff geese, which residents said had just reached maturity. On Wednesday, a pest control team took the two geese away much to the chagrin of locals.

Roslynne Eaton with the geese at Two Locks, Cwmbran

Roslynne Eaton, a regular user of the channel, said residents were “very upset” about the situation.

“The two geese were dumped there about three years ago when they were quite young, and they’re on their own,” she said.

“They’ve just reached maturity so they’re a bit feisty but a goose can’t do much harm.”

Ms Eaton said she believed the birds should only have been moved by an organization with experience handling and relocating wild birds.

She now worries about the future safety of the geese, as she says residents have not been given any assurances as to where they will be relocated.

Another resident, Sandra Stevens, said many people were ‘devastated’ by what had happened: ‘I walk this stretch of canal regularly and have never witnessed aggression from any of the geese’ , she said. They are beautiful creatures, loved by all residents and many visitors to the canal.

Helen Davies of Two Locks Road said the geese were “loved by a lot of people”.

“Although they don’t belong to just one person, they are loved by everyone,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Torfaen Council said: ‘Following continued complaints from residents of two aggressive geese in the Two Locks canal towpath area in Cwmbran, council have made arrangements for them to be relocated to the interest of public safety.

“Reports have been received of geese attacking people, including elderly residents. A council officer was also attacked during their visit to the area to investigate the complaints.

“As the council contractor went to remove the geese, they were seen chasing children on the towpath.

“The contractor used to collect and transport the geese is experienced in animal handling. Techniques have been adopted by them to ensure the health, safety and welfare of themselves and the geese.

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