Could your pet have seizures from a popular dog shampoo?


One article claims that a popular dog shampoo caused her dog to have a seizure. We check if this is possible.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – A viral Facebook post prompted a THV11 viewer to ask our verification team if this was true.

The publication claims that a popular dog shampoo caused her dog to have an epileptic fit.

Here’s what we found:

The posted message was shared on Facebook nearly 50,000 times.

A woman, claiming a popular pet flea and tick shampoo, has had a fit with her dog.

A THV11 viewer saw it and asked us to check if it was true.

Our source, Dr. Bob Hale, a veterinarian who owns Briarwood Animal Hospital.

“You can’t make this accusation without knowing for sure what caused it,” Dr Hale said. “And it can get very, very complicated.”

The post claims that an ingredient in shampoo, permethrin, is to blame. Permethrin is a pesticide commonly used in over-the-counter products like this to rid dogs of fleas and ticks.

Dr Hale says it has been used safely for decades.

“Anytime you put something that’s a pesticide on a dog or a cat, you can still run the risk of a seizure,” Dr. Hale said. “Very unlikely, but you could have a seizure with a dog using some of these products.”

Dr Hale’s staff bathe and groom the dogs daily. His clinic uses different products to protect against fleas and ticks – he contacted the maker of the pet shampoo, Hartz. The company did not give him details on this specific charge. But Dr Hale says to prove the shampoo is to blame, he would produce toxicology reports on the dog, have a lab examine the shampoo’s ingredients, and check the animal for other diseases.

In the meantime, he thinks over-the-counter shampoos like the one in the mail are harmless.

“Would you tell people not to use this product?” Dr Hale said. “No, no, I wouldn’t. I think it’s a very safe product.”

We also contacted Hartz. The company responded this afternoon, saying it had no record of contact with the woman who created the Facebook post.

Hartz went on to say that “the Hartz product in question does not contain the pesticide Permethrin as an active ingredient. And no Hartz shampoo contains Permethrin.”

Hartz also said, “Although any pesticide product registered for use with pets may cause an adverse reaction in some animals, reports of seizures associated with this product are extremely rare. ”

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