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The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) offers a cost-share program to support the treatment of ash trees. The emerald ash borer (AE), one of the most destructive forest pests to ever invade North America, attacks ash trees and has already caused millions of dollars in damage as hundreds of millions of ash trees have perished.

All ash species native to North America are susceptible and likely to die within one to five years of being infested with emerald ash borer. Ash trees are commonly found in yards and along county roads. If left untreated or removed, ash trees often fall and lose branches unexpectedly, posing a significant risk to public safety. Landowners with ash trees on their property should consider treatment or removal by a qualified arborist. If you are unsure if your tree is an ash, consult VDOF’s online resources or contact your local VDOF forester for assistance.

The emerald ash borer has steadily spread through much of the Commonwealth since its rediscovery in Fairfax in 2008. All counties in the central and western VDOF regions of Virginia have confirmed the presence of the emerald ash borer by 2019 The Eastern region has yet to see as many infestations (with some counties having no confirmed reports), but it may only be a matter of time, making it imperative to address the ash trees now.

This spring, VDOF is offering a 50% cost-share program to landowners and organizations to offset the treatment of ash specimens by trunk injection. Organizations statewide are eligible to apply, however, only landowners located in the VDOF East Region will be eligible for cost-share assistance. Limiting assistance to landowners to the East region will help VDOF focus its efforts and funding on preserving the healthiest remaining ash tree populations statewide.

Landowners and eligible organizations with healthy ash trees 12 inches in diameter or greater, with crown defoliation of 30% or less, are encouraged to apply. Interested applicants should assess the health of their ash trees as soon as possible and begin discussing the viability of treatment with the certified pesticide applicator of their choice.

Applications are accepted from April 20 to June 17. A completed application must be submitted by this date to be considered for cost-sharing assistance (late applications will not be approved). Please Note: Due to funding limitations, not all applications can be approved.

You can find the app and more information at

Contact the VDOF Forest Health Program at (434) 220-9034 or [email protected] with any questions.

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