Correct decision on removal of Farallon mice – Santa Cruz Sentinel

The California Coastal Commission made the right decision by voting in favor of the proposed project to eliminate invasive mice from the Farallon Islands, finding it to comply with Coastal Law. Invasive mice and rats are one of the leading causes of extinction in the world and the permanent removal of mice from islands will help restore balance in Farallones and stop the slide into extinction of species like ashy oceanite.

I agree that rodenticides should not be used for control on the continent, where their excessive use has caused unacceptable problems. However, the once highly regulated use on the islands is very different. This project follows over 700 successful similar efforts around the world with tremendous benefits for wildlife, most notably on Anacapa Island in the Channel Islands National Park. This project did not cause the environmental impacts claimed by opponents. On the contrary, after the elimination of the invasive rats, seabirds and the whole island flourished.

– Brad Keitt, Director of Oceans and Islands, American Bird Conservancy, Santa Cruz

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