Cancer Causing Benzene Found On Old Spice, Secret Body Spray Components, P&G Voluntary Recall

Benzene has been found on Old Spice and Secret Body Spray deodorants and antiperspirants, a known carcinogen commonly found on plastics, pesticides, etc. The traces of benzene were discovered by Valisure, a well-known testing company, which reported it and prompted Procter & Gamble to have a voluntary recall of its products.

Benzene found on Old Spice, according to Valisure, a secret body spray

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 28: Model Fabio (L) and actor Isaiah Mustafa pose at the Old Spice “Manly Man” event at The Grove on July 28, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Valisure posted a report earlier this month, saying that Old Spice and Secret Body Spray products were found to contain traces of benzene, a known carcinogenic ingredient that is harmful to humans. The company also submitted this report to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), calling for a recall of the product.

The Valisure test is also known for its various findings on most consumer products, more importantly, its initial discovery of benzene on sunscreens, and now antiperspirants. Of course, this is of concern to those who use Old Spice and Secret Body Spray products on a daily basis, as it is an over-the-counter purchase at most grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.

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Procter & Gamble launches a voluntary recall of its products

As a result of this report, the FDA issued a voluntary recall which was submitted by Procter & Gamble, something that is in the best interest of the public and their consumers. P & G’s voluntary recall would immediately withdraw its products sold on major chains, to stop its distribution which is known to contain components with benzene.

What is Benzene Sunscreens too

Benzene is a known carcinogenic ingredient, ergo “carcinogen,” which is present in most plastics, cigarette smoke, crude oil, etc., all known to be toxic to humans when applied to the skin. or ingested. An alarm regarding Johnson & Johnson’s and Aveeno’s products revealed that its sunscreen sprays and lotions contain the substance, which is also subject to a recall.

Initially, traces of benzene were also found on Coca-Cola and Fanta products, and it was declared as a poisonous drink before its recall and the setting of its ingredients. And although a small amount of benzene is not enough to cause cancer, the amount that builds up over time can contribute to its development in humans.

Deodorants and antiperspirants are known to be used daily by those who go out every day and it is a consumer product that is frequently purchased in the market. The presence of benzene on it is really dangerous for a person’s health, especially since it can accumulate amounts of carcinogens that can lead to serious health problems.

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