Calgary exterminator warns against DIY wasp nest removal: ‘They’re everywhere’ – Calgary

Business is hot for exterminators in the Calgary area, as wasps are one of the most popular pests complained about.

“I would say we’re probably twice as busy as last year at this point,” William Martin, owner of Martin’s Pest Control, told Global News. “We actually joked that we should change the name to Martin’s Wasp Control for a while because it was so busy.”

Martin said that despite early summer rains, increasing heat and dryness throughout the year has led to more wasp calls.

“They are everywhere. They’re in the ground, they’re in the trees, they’re under the bridge. They’re in the barbecue,” he said, noting that some condominium complexes had dozens of nests.

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“Wasps are predators. They eat insects on trees, plants and landscapes. So the more insects, the more food for them,” he said, noting that the warmer weather attracts more insects for the wasps to feast on. “The faster they can get food, the faster their nest can grow and the bigger they get.”

Martin advised entrusting the removal of the nest to professionals to avoid injuries caused by wasps.

“Don’t try to do something you don’t know what you’re doing. For example, don’t go out in the middle of the night and seal the hole the wasp is in, especially if the hole is in your house,” he said. “You could wake up the next morning to a huge surprise in your garage or living room.”

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Ideal breeding conditions for wasps in hot, dry summer, says entomologist

Ideal breeding conditions for wasps in hot, dry summer, says entomologist – August 9, 2021

Commercial products are available and Martin advises people to follow instructions carefully.

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City officials advises against trying to destroy a wasp nest by burning or flooding“because the wasps will respond with aggression.”

The pest control expert said there are preventative measures that can be used around homes before the hottest months of the year, such as wasp bags filled with water or insect treatments for trees.

“These fake paper nests do nothing, unfortunately.”

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