Bug Spray without Deet: Discover this offer

Everyone welcomes the return of warm weather with open arms, but there’s one element of sunny seasons that no one is particularly looking forward to: bugs. Luckily, Ranger Ready Repellents protect against pesky critters. The itchiness and worries of contracting dangerous diseases like Lyme disease or West Nile virus will be ignored in the leisurely afternoons and nighttime outdoor adventures.

The Ranger Ready P2Pak contains a Body Worn spray to apply directly to the skin, perfect for nights straight on the beach. It offers 12 hours of protection against ticks and mosquitoes. Clothing repellent (permethrin 0.5%) works great for spraying your clothes so you stay bug-sting free for five washes or 40 days of sun exposure.

The key ingredient that makes these sprays safe for skin and clothing is picaridin 20%. Think of it this way: “Picaridine is a synthetic compound derived from piperine, a naturally occurring compound, found in the group of plants used to produce black pepper.” The bottom line is that these Deet-free repellents are safe enough for children over the age of one and pregnant or breastfeeding women so everyone can have fun under the sun and stars. The Scouted team has used Ranger Ready and wrote an article which you can read here.

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