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Providing cost-effective heartworm options not only helps remove barriers to compliance, but also helps build trust and loyalty with pet owners. (Sponsored by Virbac)

Even with the growth of pet insurance, most pet owners still pay out-of-pocket for veterinary care, including pest control products. While pet owners generally want to do the best they can for their pets, financial constraints, especially after the pandemic, may force some to decline certain health care recommendations. It can be a stressful and emotional decision for pet owners, and they often feel guilty when they simply can’t afford the care.

At the same time, discussing prices is not easier for you as a vet. The comfort you feel in making recommendations based on healthy medicine can crumble when you venture into what may be perceived as the business side of veterinary medicine. It can also be stressful when your patients leave the office without the basic preventive care that you feel is important to their health.

Yet heartworms and intestinal worms can cause serious and even fatal illnesses in pets. Roundworms and hookworms can also put families at risk of devastating zoonotic diseases. Treatment and control of parasites is fundamental to providing the best quality of care to your patients and clients.

By stocking affordable pest control options, you can be sure that more of your patients will receive the care you recommend. It can also help build trust and loyalty with pet owners, who value being able to protect their pets without stretching their budgets too much.

The risk of heartworm infections is increasing

Pets are at higher-than-average risk for heartworm disease in 2021, according to predictions from the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC).1

Part of this increase in heartworm prevalence is attributed to pet owners who do not administer heartworm prevention 12 months a year.1 In fact, a recent study found that only 25% of dogs are given heartworm preventative medication on a regular basis.2

In addition to owner compliance issues, other factors may be contributing to the predicted increase in heartworm infections. Many geographic locations are experiencing warmer weather than usual, creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Transporting homeless dogs and cats between states to help find adoptable homes is also more common and may explain the expansion of heartworm infections to new areas.

The CAPC warns that pets are particularly at risk this year along the Mississippi River, the Atlantic coast and southern parts of the Midwest. Infections are also expected to increase in new areas, including northern California, western Montana and Idaho.

Now is not the time for your patients to experience year round heartworm prevention disruption.

Intestinal worms remain a source of zoonosis

If only a quarter of dogs regularly receive heartworm preventative treatments, which usually also protect against intestinal worms, chances are there is a gap in parasite treatment and control on this front as well. It’s bad enough that roundworms can stunt growth and development, but hookworms can cause anemia and even death in puppies and kittens. Infected pets are also a source of potential zoonotic infections for family members.

Humans, especially children, can become infected with roundworms by accidentally ingesting infectious Toxocara canis eggs deposited by dogs or Toxocara cati eggs from cats. Migratory larvae can infiltrate various organs such as the liver, lungs and central nervous system. Signs of visceral larva migrans may include an enlarged liver, cough, pneumonia, and fever.

Roundworm larvae can also cause eye migrations of larvae by moving towards the eyes, potentially damaging the retina and causing permanent vision loss.

Hookworms continue to infect pets and their owners. Dogs and cats can serve as a source of infectious eggs of the species Ancylostoma braziliense and Stenocephalic uncinariaa. Dogs can also lose Ancylostoma caninum eggs.

Humans are usually infected when the larvae penetrate the skin. Infection can lead to cutaneous larva migrans, with telltale traces of serpentine in the skin that are intensely itchy.

Build customer loyalty with affordable options

For some clients, offering preventative heartworm treatments and affordable parasite treatment and control can help remove a barrier to adherence. It might even convince owners to bring their dogs to the clinic more often.

In the Bayer study on the use of veterinary care, 51% of owners said their vets would see their dogs more frequently if the clinic offered prices on products, such as pest control, that were competitive for those owners. find elsewhere.3

Emphasize the value of heartworm prevention

Yet buying decisions are rarely based on price alone; value is also an important consideration. Pet owners want to know how your recommendation will impact the health and well-being of their pets.

Helping owners understand why parasite treatment and control is essential in minimizing discomfort and illness in their pets can strengthen your position as the best resource owners can turn to for information about the disease. health of their pets.

Homeowners can also understand how heartworm prevention can potentially reduce future expenses.

In the Veterinary Care Utilization Study, 59% of owners said they would take their dog to the vet more often if they knew they could avoid problems and expensive treatments later.3

It is also essential that veterinarians or staff take the time to explain the proper use of pest control treatment. In another study, 27% of dog owners believed they were giving their dogs heartworm preventive products when they were actually giving flea and tick products.2 Ensuring proper administration is another way to protect your patients and keep pet owners happy with your recommendations.

Proven Heartworm Prevention Products at a Convenient Price

With IVERHART® brand products, you can provide dog owners with proven and effective pest control products that are more affordable than many other brands.

Available in an appetizing pork flavor for easy dosing, IVERHART PLUS® (Ivermectin / Pyrantel) Chewable Tablets provide 3-in-1 protection against heartworms, hookworms and roundworms for up to 32% savings per dose compared to a leading competitor brand.4

With IVERHART MAX® Chew (ivermectin / pyrantel pamoate / praziquantel), you can offer dog owners 4 in 1 protection against heartworms, hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms for up to 14% savings per dose compared to a leading competitor brand.4 The reasonable price, combined with the tasty bacon formula, makes it easy for pet owners to comply with your recommendations.

Visit for important safety information.

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