Arlington to spray mosquitoes after reporting West Nile case


Arlington will conduct targeted ground spraying for mosquitoes after the city confirmed its first case of West Nile virus.


Arlington is conducting targeted ground spraying Tuesday and Wednesday to prevent the spread of West Nile virus after the city confirmed a positive case, according to a news release.

Ground spraying will begin in the Caliente Drive and Commander Court area in southwest Arlington.

A water-based permethrin product is being sprayed in the area as larvicides and other measures have not been effective, according to the press release. The city has taken measures to reduce the mosquito population, such as the deployment of larvicides, since the start of the mosquito season.

Crews leading these efforts have noted low areas with standing water that are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the statement said.

The city says the treatment is not known to have any adverse effects on people, pets or the environment. If you or a pet has a chemical sensitivity or asthma, the city recommends staying indoors overnight.

You can prevent mosquito bites by wearing long sleeves and pants, draining standing water in your yards where mosquitoes could breed, and applying insect repellent containing the ingredient DEET.

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