Are mosquitoes driving you crazy? City of Jacksonville will spray for free

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – Florida is known for its rainy season. With heavy rain come mosquitoes, which usually start swarming 10 to 14 days later.

As the summer season approaches, you should know that the City of Jacksonville Mosquito Control Division can help you if you encounter an influx of pesky insects.

The service is free to all residents of Duval County, including Atlantic, Neptune, and Jacksonville Beach, as well as anyone living in Baldwin.

This is how it works. Call 630-CITY (2489) or go to and report the problem. A technician should respond within 24-48 hours, inspect and assess the problem and, if warranted, arrange for the spraying of pesticides on your property to address the mosquito problem.

Mosquito Control Chief Randy Wishard said it’s important for residents to know they should contact the city to report the problem.

“For us to turn on the sprayer, we need to have a substantiated and documented issue,” Wishard explained. “We don’t spray one area of ​​the county, then the next, and the next, we have to have proof and document that there is a problem before we can turn on the sprayer.”

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Wishard said when technicians don’t respond to service calls, they check and treat common mosquito-prone areas, such as storm drains, storm drains, swampy areas and retention ponds. But, he said, the biggest problem with mosquitoes in the county involves man-made containers on residents’ properties.

“The best thing citizens can do to help themselves and us is to knock over and throw away anything that can hold water in their yard,” he said. “It becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and their larvae.”

The worst culprits, he said, are toys, boats sitting in yards, tops of tarps and car tires strewn about in backyards.

“There will be rainwater there and they will spawn thousands and thousands of mosquitoes,” he warned.

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