Agremo & DJI offers a key feature in a precise spraying solution

Drone Spray Maps – Validated!

BEOGRAD, SERBIA, Oct. 7, 2022 / — After a long hiatus caused by COVID, Agremo will attend DJI’s AirWorks 2022 drone conference, which will finally bring together drone industry leaders. Hopefully you’ve already booked your calendar for October 10-12, when Las Vegas will be the center of commercial drone activity.

This will be a time for networking, in-depth panel discussions, technology demonstrations, presentations and talking about the benefits of future drone technology.

Agriculture will be one of the vital sectors for the commercial use of drones, and the CEO of Agremo, Mr. Milan Dobrota, will present a new joint project.

Agremo & DJI will showcase cutting-edge technology for agriculture and drone professionals.

Diving deeper into a cloud-based platform for automated analyzes of drone-collected imagery will help better understand how it affects agricultural processes and how it is compatible with surveying and spraying drones.

Drones offer solutions for both field scouting and spraying. As a result, crop loss due to soil compaction and crop destruction can be avoided, and weed infestation can be precisely treated with the drone’s localized spraying capability.

Agremo and DJI will showcase the optimization of drone spray maps and variable prescription rates through AI analysis of every square meter of the field with the utmost precision, regardless of size. We will present the AI ​​Analytics + Multispectral + Drone Spraying technology combination, which has been tested and validated in the field.

Besides spraying and precision agriculture, the session will discuss the latest uses of drones and artificial intelligence in the field trials of R&D and the product development process for seeds and agrochemicals.

With weed management being an integral part of farm life, spray drones have become a great asset for agricultural professionals. Agremo and DJI jointly validated the technology compatibility and provided the turnkey solution – mapping + AI analytics + spraying.

Previously, growers could only detect issues with the AI ​​solution, but now they can also address issues with spot spraying.

About Agremo

Agremo is a leading agricultural software that provides highly accurate field and crop data by analyzing data obtained from aerial images. Agremo combines technologies based on AI, machine learning and computer vision. Trained by agricultural experts to provide highly accurate and easy-to-use reports on stand counts, weeds, pests and disease zones, and helps every agricultural professional worldwide to optimize yields – save on inputs while maximizing crop performance and yields. It is compatible with all commercial drones and the most common sensors (RGB, NIR, multispectral). With over 2000 customers worldwide, Agremo has analyzed over 100 crop types.

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