10 brilliant uses for hairspray

Hairspray is a lifesaver for adding shine and volume to your hair. But did you know it can be used in so many other ways around the house? Check out these 10 brilliant uses to get the most out of a hairspray can by fixing slippery shoes, protecting your pest pumpkins, and more.

1. Guarantee a pretty bouquet.

The beautiful bouquet of fall flowers you received brightens up the coffee table in your living room. To help flowers last as long as possible, try this: Hold a bottle of hairspray 12 inches from the flowers and spray the undersides of the leaves and petals. Hairspray will leave a clear film that seals in freshness so the flowers don’t fade.

2. Banish sticky price tag residue.

You found a new serving tray for a flight – if only the price tag hadn’t left residue when you tried to remove it. The solution: Coat the stain with a layer of hairspray and let sit for 10 minutes. The alcohol in the spray will break down any remaining adhesive so you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

3. Prevent loose screw.

Argh! You recently tightened the screw on your office chair wheel, and it’s already loose again. What may help: Tighten the screw as best you can, then coat the screw head with hairspray. Once dry, the beauty clasp will create a polymer seal that will keep the screw from loosening so your wheel will stay in place. Problem solved!

4. Easily remove pet hair.

Muffin has been enjoying her naps on top of your sofa lately, where she has easy access to the view through the window. The problem? Your furniture is covered with his fur and you don’t have a lint brush handy! To remove it in a flash, spray a generous amount of hair spray on a cloth and use it immediately to dab loose hairs. Any strands of fur will cling to the sticky fabric. (Note: Just be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first.)

5. Tame unruly brows.

If a restless sleep has resulted in wayward brows in the morning, try this: spray hairspray on your finger, then gently run your finger over each brow (start at the inner corner and work outward). Just like your locks, hairspray will help hold wild brow hairs in place.

6. Speed ​​up nail drying time.

You’re late for an appointment but you haven’t had time to let your manicure polish dry. Hairspray to the rescue! Simply hold the box 6-8 inches from the fingernails; spray thoroughly. The aerosol will speed up drying time and create an anti-chip coating!

7. Thread a needle without the struggle.

You’re all ready to start sewing the last pieces of your Halloween costume, but you can’t get the pesky thread through the needle. Backup: grab some hairspray! Simply spray a little on the tip of the floss before continuing. This will stiffen the fabric so it passes easily through the needle eye.

8. Fix slippery shoes quickly.

Your sister’s birthday party is the perfect excuse to show off your new boots, but when you put them on, you discover that the bottom is slick and slippery! The trick to avoiding a mishap: spray the bottom of each shoe with a coat of hairspray. This will create traction and prevent the soles from slipping so you can walk (and enjoy the happy occasion) without worry.

9. Preserve leaves for crafts.

After seeing your neighbor’s homemade fall wreath, you decided to do the same and make your own. To store real leaves before using: First, dry them with a towel or cloth until all moisture is gone. Then cover the whole thing with hairspray on both sides. The spray coats the leaves so they won’t turn brown and stiffens them up so they’re easy to incorporate into your craft project while ensuring they don’t wilt.

10. Protect a pumpkin from pests.

Your jack-o’-lanterns look fantastic this year, and you can’t wait to display the festive gourds on your porch. To protect them from hungry creatures like squirrels, apply a generous coat of hairspray on the outside. Pets don’t like the strong smell and sticky texture, so they will avoid touching it. (Note: Reapply after rain for best protection.)

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First for women.

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